A Transmission City also has the most modern tools and equipment!
You can be assured that expert craftsmen, using the very latest in tools and equipment, will handle your repairs!
  • The Zoom Monitor "Tranx 2000"

    This is a computer analyzer and break-out monitor which can be hooked up to your vehicle at the transmission/computer connector.  It will monitor the signals from the computer to the transmission to see if the vehicle's computer is sending the proper commands to the transmission.  This monitor can also by-pass the computer and operate the transmission, thereby telling the technician if the transmission is working or not and if the computer is sending the proper signals.

  • The Snap-on MT2500 Diagnostic Scanner

    This scanner allows us to tap into the vehicle computer's memory to see if any trouble codes are present.  The trouble codes indicate that a malfunction is taking (or has taken) place, either now or sometime in the past.  These codes narrow down the trouble area to make diagnosis easier.

    In addition, the scanner is equipped with a "trouble-shooter" that indicates what to look for when certain codes or symptoms are present.  It also allows the vehicle to be driven while monitoring the data that each sensor is sending to the computer.

  • Power solvent over air pressure, pulsating cooler line flusher

    These solvent flushers use air pressure and pulsating action to break out small contaminants that collect in the transmission cooler - a "must do" on every job!


    This is used to flush the transmission cooler with hot transmission fluid on extremely contaminated jobs.  The radiator expands with heat, thereby dislodging any contaminants still in the cooler after the solvent/air pressure flush.

  • Owatona solvent over air converter flusher

    This flusher is used on jobs with light contamination to flush the converter.  It uses pulsating air and solvent to dislodge particles in the converter's turbines.  In most cases, the converter is replaced.

In addition, A Transmission City also uses many small testers, such as Ohm meters, volt meters, solenoid testers, test lights, and pressure switch testers.